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Lunch Box Heated Bag

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Pizza Heated Bag

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We have designed and manufactured heating mats for BRADOR Catering Bags. The bag has installed heating panel made of current conductive fibers. When the bag is connected to the car lighter outlet, the panel heats the inside of the bag to a temperature of approx. 60 degrees Celsius for heat support.
heated bags

For gastronomy

Bags heated for Pizzas and Lunch-Box.

heated clothing

Heated clothes

Heated clothing for divers, motorcyclists and for everyday use.

Lunch Box Heated Bag

Torby ogrzewane dla każdego
Smart textiles are modern materials and products. Consumer electronics is our passion, we have experience in the clothing and electronics industry, we combine these elements in practice.

Heated pizza bag

Pizza-heated bag
Torba podgrzewana do pizzy
Pizza-heated bag