Welcome to the www.smart-bag.pl dedicated to heated bags.

We offer for sale Catering Bags of companies BRADOR for which we produce innovative heating panels by us designed.

Our Company Smart Tex is also involved in the production of heated clothing. Smart textiles are modern materials and clothing, where electronic elements such as:

  • temperature sensors
  • LED lighting elements
  • photovoltaic cells (solar)
  • thermoactive panels
  • carbon fiber panels
  • power elements
  • Arduino modules
  • LilyPad modules
  • conductive threads

Consumer electronics is our passion, we have experience in the clothing and electronics industry, we combine these elements in practice. Our products are used by motorcyclists, divers, hunters, anglers, tourists and everyone who needs extra heat. We have clients from Poland and all of Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Finland … mainly divers and motorcyclists.

In our Heated Clothing “plumka” on the “Miodzio” Garda Darek Wilamowski https://www.facebook.com/wilamowski.dariusz
Smart-Tex dive products offer Bartek Kocurek “Miranda” http://mirandalight.weebly.com/
They wrote about us: http://info.motocykle-lodz.pl/test-kamizelki-grzewczej-dla-motocyklistow-od-lodzkiego-producenta/

The topic of Heating Clothing is very developmental, we can warm up almost everything, we design and execute individual orders. You have an interesting idea, write biuro@smart-tex.pl or call the phone. 501-157-137 we are open to new topics.

Our Logo can increasingly be found on Heated Diving and Motorcycle Clothing throughout Europe.