We have designed and manufactured heating mats for BRADOR firm Catering Bags. We recommend the Heated Lunch Box Bag, the bag has a conductive fiber heating panel installed. When the bag is connected to the car lighter outlet, the panel heats the inside of the bag to a temperature of approx. 50-60 degrees C allowing heat to sustain. The bag has thermal protection that controls the temperature of the bag. With bag is supplied 3m long power cable with an inflammatory plug. The plug has an 8A fuse that provides current protection. We connect the cable to the seat of the bag and to the car lighter socket.

Note! Optionally, we can use a 12V power supply from a 220V network /optional equipment/. When using the power supply, we get a temperature of about 40 degrees C.


Lunch Box Heated Bag

360,00 420,00